Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't answered on this page, please feel free to contact me directly on the contact page here

How much does it cost?
Each client's needs are different but for a typical daytime real estate shoot my pricing is based on a 'per image' model with a minimum of five images. This means I can be flexible and work within a wide range of budgets to get the highest possible photography for your advertising. I'm not the cheapest nor the most expensive photographer and you should expect to pay between $200-500 for a typical shoot depending on the number of images, job location and other requirements.
How many images do you take?
I take a minimum of five images for each real estate shoot. Depending on the amount of time granted to me at the property I can take as many as 25 in a full day. 10-20 images is usually more than sufficient for 95% of homes. Each of my shots are carefully composed and collectively that number of shots will normally give the viewer a decent overview of the property.
How long do you take on location?
It depends! When you book your job we will discuss your requirements and go over the time of day and approximate amount of time I'll need on location to shoot your images. I like to take into account the location of the sun, weather and other factors when shooting in order to maximize natural light and avoid things like rain or harsh sunlight where possible. I'm also a careful and considerate photographer - the more time I have available on location, the more I can set things up perfectly. A typical job will generally require between 2-3hrs on location. Twilight shoots are a seperate dedicated shoot and take approximately one hour.
What is your turnaround time for images?
I can generally deliver images for a typical photoshoot within 24-48hrs. It depends on the number of images shot, the amount of post-processing required and my current level of demand. If you have a particular deadline we can discuss turnaround time before hand and agree on a delivery date and time.
Why do you take so long?
I give careful time and attention to every property I shoot on an individual basis. I don't 'batch-process' images with filters and other software. My images are manually produced composites of multiple layers and incorporate natural light, external flash, light painting and other advanced techniques. I also make sure that each image is straight, level and free from imperfections. My process is fairly involved and takes a bit of time but I want to really captivate the viewer and create an image that allows them to experience being there in person - something with a bit of mood and atmosphere. Sometimes a photo will need furniture or accessories arranged or tweaked slightly to really show off the space and make it look as good as it possibly can. Ultimately the results are fantastic when you slow down, take your time and make sure everything is perfect rather than 'run and gun' with a camera from each corner of the room.
Can you tell me about your twilight photos?
Twilight images are my favourite and preferred method for capturing a beautiful exterior shot. You'll notice that my twilight images are a bit different than other photographers ones. That's because I use a method where I incoporate as many as 300 images into one final composition. I capture the natural light over the entire period where the sun is setting and then manually blend in external lighting to embellish and highlight key features as if the property was lit by state of the art landscape lighting. With these twilight shots I'm trying to create something striking that will really leap off the screen and command attention when people are browsing online. By layering all of these different elements together I've found that it makes for a very unique image that's worth the time and effort. This process means that my camera can't move from it's tripod for a period of an hour or more so only one image/perspective can be taken per twilight. It's a lot of hard work but the results speak for themselves! I'm also not opposed to doing dawn shoots and sometimes this is preferrable for certain properties.
Will I like the photos? How do I know you'll get the right angles?
Before shooting I'll ask you if there are any particular features you feel are important to capture or angles you'd really like to see. I do shoot tethered wirelessly to an iPad and can show you some of the images as they're captured. I trust that most clients have looked at my portfolio before booking me and understand that the delivered images will be of a similar style and quality. I tend not to shoot ultra, ultra wide angle as the distortion can look absolutely horrible. I also try to avoid HDR type looks where everything is super vivid/borderline surreal. We're aiming for believable, natural, visually appealing images. In the extremely rare event that you are unhappy with the images I will give you a full refund.
Do you travel? Can you take photos in other locations?
I do travel and have shot photos across New Zealand and abroad. Jobs outside of the Tauranga region are subject to my availability and will require a deposit and fee to cover transportation costs but I enjoy the challenge and welcome all booking requests.
Do you require a deposit? When do you require payment?
For real estate shoots in the Tauranga region no deposit is required. For out of town jobs and commercial shoots a 50% deposit is required. Once the photos have been uploaded to my online proofing gallery payment is due and can be made by cash, bank transfer or credit card via Paypal. After payment has been received all images will be available to download watermark-free. If you are a real estate professional I'm happy to work out a monthly invoicing model for regular shoots.
Can you Photoshop that out?
In most cases, yes! With all of my photos I will remove small blemishes, picture hooks, scratches, extension leads/cables - where possible. Depending on where these items are it may be time-consuming or not possible to do this with a professional result. There is obviously an ethical line that perhaps shouldn't be crossed with real estate listing too when it comes to things like powerlines, neighbours etc. If you tell me your Photoshop request, I'll let you know if it can be done. A 5 minute fix is free but anything time-intensive may incur an extra fee.
How do you get the finished images to me?
I use an online proofing gallery to deliver images. After the shoot you'll be emailed a link to the gallery online where you can view the images and download them in high and low resolution JPEG formats. If you require images delivered in a specific format, ratio, size or would rather them on CD or a USB stick let me know and I'll be happy to accommodate your request.
How many megapixels does your camera have? What gear do you use?
My main camera is one of the latest full-frame sensors with over 20MP resolution so your photos will be suitable for web use and professional printing. I have a suite of high quality lenses, external lighting, accessories - everything required for a real estate or commercial shoot.

What people say

Matthew displayed a high degree of skill with the photography, ensuring the property was marketed showing its best features. The feedback from potential purchasers was brilliant and the home sold on auction day for a very reasonable price.

Stella Cressey, Private Home Owner.

What people say

I had my property listed on Trade Me, having taken the images myself, it just wasn’t selling. Hiring Matthew was the best decision I made – His photos were amazing and the property was sold within a week and for more money! My partner also hired Matthew to take photos of her house, it sold within 72 hours – that has got to be a record. My advice to anyone selling their home privately or through a real estate agent? Hire Matthew Pollard to take the photos. Money well spent, I’m telling everyone!

Mark Rouse, Private Home Owner.

What people say

I was most impressed with the photography that you did for the property at Wairoa Road. Your attention to detail on staging the home was great, not over done. It gave the home a good feeling of space and there was a number of compliments I received from buyers about the pieces that you used and the overall presentation. The ability to capture the property’s target market was achieved resulting in a sale at auction. Thank you so much for your work and I will be recommending your services to all my clients that need your touch.

Ben Hickson, Bayleys.